Politics 02-11-2018

Government of Nicaragua accuses Catholic bishops of coup plotters

The leadership of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) in Nicaragua accuses the Catholic bishops of conspiring against the government of Daniel Ortega.

The Government of Daniel Ortega assures that some bishops of the Episcopal Conference have used the Catholic ecclesiastical institution to plan and organize a coup d'état to their Administration.

Daniel Ortega has reiterated that the leaders have conspired with the opposition groups to destabilize the country with protests against him.

For the international secretary of the FSLN, Jacinto Suárez, the position of the bishops is not in keeping with the search for peace. Other Sandinistas say that bishops should limit themselves to carrying out their pastoral work and avoid political issues.

As part of the denunciation against one of the bishops, the Government of Nicaragua collected more than 250,000 signatures that were delivered to the Apostolic Nuncio, asking Pope Francis to remove the Nicaraguan religious.

The Bishops of the Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua act as mediators and witnesses at the table of the National Dialogue, a negotiation that since July 16 this year has been suspended due to lack of agreement between the government and the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy .


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