Politics 09-11-2018

Honduras and Guatemala do not accept responsibility for migrants

The president of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández, received his Guatemalan counterpart Jimmy Morales to address the issue of the migration crisis.

Both leaders promised to prosecute those who allegedly promoted the formation of caravans of migrants fleeing poverty and insecurity, seeking better opportunities for the United States.

While the disappearance of at least 80 people participating in the caravan of migrants was recorded, the presidents of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández and of Guatemala, Jimmy Morales met to find guilty of the exodus of Central Americans to the United States.

Hernandez's government insists that the mass exodus of Hondurans has a political background, ignoring the grave situation of extreme poverty and insecurity that Honduras is experiencing.

Two consecutive meetings are counted between the Guatemalan president and the Honduran president, but after these meetings no results have been obtained in favor of the migrants who still move on the migratory route and those who wish to leave for the United States.

Organizations that defend human rights in Honduras regret the position of both leaders, who have not gone deeply into the real causes of the crisis.

In future meetings of the Central American Integration System (SICA), the joint approach to the creation of migrant caravans is envisaged.


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