World 11-09-2018

Honduras declares a state of emergency due to drought and famine

The southern zone of Honduras undergoes a food emergency as reported by its inhabitants, a version corroborated by the government's declaration of emergency.

He is Héctor Anael Osorto, is a young farmer in the southern part of the country. After months of efforts to prepare his plot of land for the planting of corn and beans, he lost everything; for the lack of rain.

Years ago, Hector tried to enter the United States irregularly. After his deportation he returned to the camp, but had no luck. Today it is part of the 170,000 families affected by the famine.

These are the contrasts in the southern Honduran area, on the one hand a mighty river, but its waters do not serve for the farmers who are dedicated to planting corn, so the Government has declared a famine in the entire dry corridor.

It is estimated that in the municipalities of southern Honduras, 82% of corn and beans were lost, the main source of food for families.

74 municipalities of the dry corridor are those that present a severe situation, of the 145 communities that reported losses of grain.


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