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Horacio Cartes resigns as president of Paraguay to assume as senator

Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes presented his resignation on Monday to take office as senator on July 1.

Horacio Cartes presented his resignation today as president of Paraguay with a view to taking on as senator on July 1 after winning a seat in the elections on April 22 and not falling into the duplicity of functions.

The resignation of Cartes must now be approved or rejected in extraordinary session of both Houses of Congress.

"I offer my resignation to the office of President of the Republic of Paraguay to continue serving the country from the Senate of the Nation fulfilling the popular will deposited at the polls. God bless Paraguay!" Published Cartes in his account Twitter.

If the resignation is approved the Presidency will fall to the current Vice President Alicia Pucheta who would become the first Paraguayan woman to occupy the Executive Headquarters. However Pucheta will be until August 15 when he will assume the government of Mario Abdo Benitez winner of the April elections also of the Colorado Party.

Cartes also communicated his resignation by means of a letter to the president of the Congress Fernando Lugo in which he says that he is "in compliance with the democratic decision of the people expressed at the polls last April 22 which elected me to the position of Senator of the Nation for the period 2018/2023 ".

"We have worked throughout these almost five years with total dedication to achieve the development of our great nation and ratify my intention to continue serving our country and our people with dignity and patriotism from the Legislative Power of the Nation" says the missive.

At the same time several legislators of the ruling Colorado Party presented Lugo with a request to deal with that resignation next Wednesday in Congress.

The Lugo formation the Guasu Front announced that it will oppose the resignation.

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