Analysis 08-12-2018

How Putin has won the game for Western politicians

Traditionally, Anglo-Saxon politicians consider themselves experts in geopolitics. However, Russia's recent successes in foreign policy indicate that Vladimir Putin has won the game on his own battlefield. How did you do it?

Russia owes all its success to Vladimir Putin because he knows geography very well, says French scientist Laurent Chalard.

According to him, in the last decade Russia has emerged as the winner in most of the geopolitical conflicts thanks to the fact that its president understands geography very well, has vast knowledge of the political map and the characteristics of each country.

"Compared to his Western colleagues, Putin never starts from the principle that other leaders think like him: he understands perfectly the difference in education and in the way of thinking linked to culture," writes the author for the French newspaper Le Figaro.

In his article, Chalard also criticizes people who oppose a "strategist as skilled" as Putin.

"The limited knowledge of the western authorities on geography contributes to the fact that they do not fully understand the key geostrategic problems and are completely incapable of resisting the economic pressure groups that are in each ministry." These groups do not defend the interests of the nation. long term, but pursue their own short-term interests, "he emphasizes.

In this way the Western countries do not have a lasting strategy to clarify who their enemies are and who their friends, which countries should not unbalance in order to preserve peace throughout the world and what is the real balance of forces between States, the author thinks.

"All this leads to a large number of geopolitical errors for which we have to pay," concludes the analyst.

However, the Russian journalist Piotr Akópov in his article for the Russian magazine Vzglyad believes that some estimates and examples of Chalard are naive and false. For example, to relate the success of Russia with the Brexit and the presidential elections of 2016 in the USA.

"It is ridiculous to think that Russia influenced the results of the elections in the Anglo-Saxon countries. (...) The causes of the current situation in the Western countries are purely internal.The correct understanding of these problems only offers Russia already Putin the strength and the advantage in the conflict with the West: we know what is happening inside their States, we see what a large part of the Western elites does not want to notice or recognize, "the columnist writes.

Akópov recognizes that Chalard is right about one thing: Putin really gives geography a high credit. In the West there are also many scientific schools and fundamental research carried out in this field. However, Western politicians have no ability to apply this knowledge in practice, in foreign policy and in the geopolitical struggle, he says.

"The Western countries lost their sovereignty, the Europeans lost it in favor of NATO and its unity with the United States and the United States.Without sovereignty any knowledge of geography can help," the author of the article stresses.

The Russian journalist considers that in the United Kingdom and the USA the experts in "the geopolitical game" encounter an unbreakable obstacle: the dominance of primitive globalists and illiterates in the upper echelons of power.

"That is to say, the dominion of the personalities that have seriously believed in barbarity about the end of history and the definitive victory of Western civilization," Akópov explains.

Another factor that differentiates Putin from his Anglo-Saxon colleagues and explains his geopolitical successes in the international arena, according to Akópov, is the fact that the president does not bet on the principle of "divide and conquer". According to the Russian journalist, the United Kingdom and the United States benefit from the discrepancies, incite and threaten other countries in search of putting under their control all parties involved in a conflict.

"However, this strategy works only with weak subjects who do not understand anything, their methods are incapable of bending a strong and wise player like, for example, Iran, Russia, on the contrary, tries to collaborate with all at once , does not bet on the weaknesses of its partners but its interests and peculiarities, "he concludes.


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