Mundo 01-10-2017

​In Mexico, it seeks to generate electricity with four solar plants

During the month of September, two companies from Mexico asked the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) of Mexico to change land use for the construction of solar power plants in the state. The projects, which seek to take advantage of electromagnetic radiation from the sun to generate electricity, are seeking to settle in the municipalities of Tepezalá and El Llano, according to federal agency documents.

One of the projects was presented by the company Solar Solar Juárez, S.A. of C.V. to carry out the park Tepezalá Solar, in an area of 335.6 hectares to 14 kilometers of the municipal head said said municipality in which will be placed solar panels coupled on followers. The estimated annual generation will be 225 gigawatts.

The transmission infrastructure associated with the plant will consist of a 34.5 / 115 kilovolt substation and the connection of a 115 kilovolt electric interconnection line of an approximate length of 2.2 kilometers from the plant to the San Antonio electric substation, of the regional transmission management the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), which will be the point of interconnection to the network.

It will consist of 34 blocks of peak generation of 3.92 megawatts each, for a peak power of 133,056 mwp. The type of panel to be used is polycrystalline silicon, mounted on a self-powered horizontal solar tracker. The generation blocks will have a power conditioning center conformed by an inverter of direct current to alternating current for outside on platform.

The second is the Pachamama Photovoltaic Project, promoted by the company ENR AGS S.A. of C.V., which consists of a photovoltaic plant that will be carried out on an area of 1,188.15 hectares in El Llano, of which 90 percent will be occupied by said infrastructure.

Mexico will have 35% of electricity in 2024

The capacity of electric power generation will be 905 gigawatts during its first year of operation and, later, 921 gigawatts that will be injected into the national grid at a voltage of 400 kilovolts, interconnecting to the line coming from the substation Aguascalientes.

The project includes flattening of the building, installation of photovoltaic panels with polycrystalline silicon cells, mounted on followers of an axis, current inverters; construction of security and monitoring booths, elevating substation, excavation for the installation of the power line, internal roads, perimeter fencing, and a transmission line of electric power with a length of approximately two kilometers.

These two projects of solar energy generation are in addition to two presented in the course of this year by the companies Infraestructura Energética del Norte and Recursos Solares P.V. de México IV S.A. of C.V, both in the capital municipality. The resolutions have not yet been published. The Energy Secretariat projected at the beginning of the six-year period that 35 percent of electricity produced in the country came from clean sources by 2024, for which it committed $ 160 million.

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