Política 19-10-2017

Indignation in Argentina for an official survey of Santiago Maldonado

Just one day after finding a body near where the young Argentinean Santiago Maldonado was last seen, the government conducted a survey to measure the electoral impact of that fact.

One of the questions directly asked whether, from what happened, the voters gave them "more" or "less" desire to "vote for the candidates" of the Executive, or if they gave them the same, while other issues insisted on option that the advances in the investigation could modify the decision of their votes.

On October 22, Argentina will hold legislative elections to renew a third of its Chamber of Senators and half its Chamber of Deputies, in addition to most of the provincial legislatures.

Change of speech

Although no official source denied or ratified that the government ordered to carry out that survey, the editor of the newspaper 'Clarin', Julio Blanck, ratified the facts. That journalist, who is well-known to the current executive branch of Argentina, said that "one of the main candidates for Sunday's election received last night [on Wednesday] the results of an urgent telephone survey."

The media reported that only 35% of the people consulted said that the appearance of that body could benefit the Government, while 73% said that the Gendarmerie was responsible for the crime.

This coincided with the apologies that Elisa Carrió, deputy and candidate for the party of Mauricio Macri, offered to the Maldonado family for having declared that the body found was "like Walt Disney", after a journalist commented that in the place where it appeared it is very cold, a circumstance that would have facilitated his conservation.

After both family members of Santiago Maldonado and members of human rights organizations challenged this mockery with hardness, Carrio suspended all his activities and television appearances until the end of the campaign.

Repudiation of the survey

Undoubtedly, the case shocked the country and worries politicians about the effects it can have on social humor. The result of the autopsy on the found body will be determinant to know the truth.