Economy 09-11-2017

International conference on relations between Latin America and China concludes

The II International Conference "China and Latin America: Multidisciplinary Approaches" concluded tonight in Santiago, Chile, ratifying its decision to deepen relations with the Asian country.

Likewise, this event promoted reflections and analysis on the complexity of relations between China and the region to deepen the design and consolidation of the most appropriate public and private policies to continue consolidating bilateral ties.

The international experts contributed theoretical and empirical approaches in the debates on bilateral ties, from different perspectives, to promote policies focused on the relations of the region with China; stimulate dialogue on their bilateral ties and further strengthen their ties with the Chinese authorities.

Professors and experts from 40 institutions in Latin America, China, Europe and the United States exchanged criteria in the following areas: Politics and International Relations, History and Cultural Relations, Geopolitics and Geostrategy, Environment, Gender, Economy and Investment and Trade and Promotion.

A discussion was included to address the new phase of relations between China and the region in the current Presidency of the United States, which promotes policies discordant with most of the nations of the world.

This event was aimed at professionals from the public, private and academic sectors linked to relations with China, especially officials from Ministries and Secretaries of Foreign Affairs, Ministries of Economy and Planning, Regional Organizations, Private Sector, Chambers of Commerce, Universities and Research Centers of Latin America and the Caribbean and China.

The Conference agreed to promote theoretical and empirical approaches on the relations between Latin America and the Caribbean and China, from multidisciplinary perspectives and to promote the design of policies focused on these links, stimulating dialogue from an integral perspective.


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