Politics 10-10-2018

Interpol will analyze Ecuadorian order of red alert against Correa

Interpol will analyze on the 23rd of this month the request made by the Ecuadorian justice system for a red alert against former President Rafael Correa (2007-2017), over whom a detention order weighs for his supposed role in the kidnapping of the opposition politician Fernando Balda, said the victim's lawyer, Felipe Rodríguez.

"On October 23 is scheduled to review several folders, including Rafael Correa, a former president of Guatemala and about 100 people," Rodriguez told reporters to add that "we expect on 23 to know if there is red or red diffusion do not".

In July, Judge Daniella Camacho ordered the pre-trial detention of the former president and accepted a request from the Prosecutor's Office to request Interpol a red alert, detention or provisional arrest for the extradition of the former president residing in Belgium, the place of origin of his wife.

The request was due to the fact that Correa failed to comply with an order to appear every 15 days before the National Court of Justice.

Correa is investigated in Ecuador for his alleged responsibility in the kidnapping of Balda committed in 2012 in Bogotá.

Two protected witnesses of the Office of the Prosecutor, intelligence exagents who are indicted in the case, declared having received orders from Correa and his then Secretary of Intelligence, Pablo Romero, for the kidnapping of the politician.

Last month, Attorney General Paúl Pérez accused Correa, Romero and intelligence exagents Diana Falcón and Raúl Chicaiza of illicit association and kidnapping of Balda.

The judge will decide the same day 23 if she calls Correa, Romero, Chicaiza and Falcón to trial.


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