Economía 01-08-2017

Iran accuses US of violating nuclear deal with new sanctions

Iran believes that the new sanctions imposed by the United States violate the nuclear agreement reached in 2015 and has complained to the body that controls its implementation, a senior politician of the Islamic Republic said on Tuesday.

Tehran reduced its nuclear work in exchange for lifting most of the sanctions imposed under the pact signed with the United States, Russia, China and three European countries.

But in spite of that, the Treasury Department sanctioned at the end of July six Iranian companies for their role in developing a ballistic missile program after Tehran launched a rocket capable of putting a satellite into orbit. That same day, the US Senate voted new sanctions on Iran, Russia and North Korea.

"The new US sanctions contradict parts of the nuclear deal," Ali Larijani, the leader of the Iranian parliament, was quoted as saying by the local news agency Tasnim.

"Iran has complained about the violation of the agreement by the United States" before the joint commission made up of the six world powers, Iran and Europe, he added.

If the commission cannot resolve a dispute, the parties can raise their complaints to the UN Security Council.