Politics 27-11-2018

Iran to Europe ultimatum to save the nuclear agreement

Iran pressures the European Union to save the nuclear agreement and activate its payment channel for trade with Tehran "before time runs out."

Iran's ultimatum to the European Union (EU) to save the nuclear agreement signed in 2015 by Tehran and the then Group 5 + 1 (USA, the United Kingdom, France, Russia and China, plus Germany). Threat of leaving the nuclear pact if it does not benefit from it.

Tehran again warns of the consequences if the rest of the signatories do not act to keep alive its economic benefits within the nuclear pact, officially called Integral Plan of Joint Action (PIAC or JCPOA, for its acronym in English).

During a seminar on cooperation in civil nuclear energy in Belgium, Iranian diplomats criticized the departure of Washington from the nuclear agreement. They stated that this non-constructive approach shows that the US does not adhere to or respect international obligations.

They also called on Europe to put in place the special mechanism to facilitate trade with Iran as soon as possible. They say the Tehran benefits of the pact have almost reached zero.

In turn, the European Energy Commissioner, Miguel Arias Cañete, denounced the unilateralism of the White House. He reiterated his willingness to preserve the agreement intact, despite Washington's sanctions against Tehran. He assured that Brussels will remain committed to the full implementation of the treaty.

After the reimposition of a new round of US sanctions against Iran, other signatories of the nuclear agreement decided to establish "the Special Purpose Entity", an institution that would act as a barter system, compensating Iranian exports with purchases of EU goods. Measure that has not yet become reality.


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