Social 04-10-2018

Israel could ask for help from the US to deal with Russian defenses in Syria

Now that Israel is seeing that Russia has supplied Syria with anti-missile systems S-300, it will put pressure on the United States to deliver new weapons to it as well as to deal with Russian systems. It is the conclusion reached by the Egyptian expert Mohamed Ali.

For Ali, the words that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu poured into Facebook are proof of this. Netanyahu then warned about the right of the Jewish state to self-defense and thanked the United States for "unconditional support" for that right.

"Israel understands that after the delivery to Syria of the S-300 will not be able to offer urgent assistance to the rebels as they did before when they attacked from the air the positions [of the Syrian Army] That is, Tel Aviv loses the influence it had about the situation in Syria, that's why now he will concentrate all his forces in getting new weapons, "he explained to Sputnik Ali.

The expert added that US President Donald Trump is not interested in stoking the confrontation with Russia in Syria because he is busy addressing "the many problems and crises" in his own country.

Netanyahu thanked the United States for unconditionally supporting the Jewish state's right to self-defense and for military assistance for 10 years. "I thank the Administration and the US Congress for their commitment to Israel and for the assistance package for the next decade," he said.

This assistance package is in fact a memorandum of understanding signed in 2016 on cooperation in security matters, and plans to assist the Israeli State with 38,000 million dollars between 2019 and 2028.


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