Politics 11-07-2018

Iván Duque says that "it will not save any effort" to protect social leaders

The elect president, Iván Duque , reiterated on Tuesday from the department of Antioquia that during his government he will protect "the integrity and the life of the political, social and union leaders" , like answer before the wave of violence against defenders of Human rights in the regions of the country, situation that has been presented since the signing of the Peace Agreement and intensifying since last week.

"You can be sure that we will not save any effort in our government to work in every corner of the territory," he assured when receiving a decoration from the Government of Antioquia.

The Uribista also said that what he will seek once he assumes the mandate of the country on August 7 is "to be a generator of unity, of dialogue" so that "it does not mediate in the way in which we understand any distance due to ideological considerations" .

According to the most recent report of theOmbudsman's Office , from January 1, 2016 to June 30 of this year,311 leaders in the country have been murdered .

Only in the last week were victims of Luis Barrios homicides, in Atlántico; Santa Felicinda Santamaría, in Chocó; Margarita Estupiñán, in Nariño; and Ana María Cortés, in Antioquia. Also presumed are José Fernando Jaramillo, in Ituango, and Ancízar Cifuentes, in Tolima, although there is still no clarity about whether the latter exercised community leadership and if that was the cause of his death.

Just on Tuesday, the outgoing government announced new actions for the protection of social leaders, including collective security measures in ten municipalities, the creation of aSingle Window , a toll-free line and a channel via e-mail available to citizens for receive complaints, and the designation of the Interior Minister as interlocutor with the Colombian Human movement, which has warned about threats and assassinations to those who made part of their campaign in the regions.


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