Politics 08-10-2018

JEP rejects interference by the Prosecutor's Office in the case of the FARC-EP

"The JEP is a judicial institution of constitutional rank with autonomy and judicial independence in charge of investigating," said the president of the entity.

The president of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace ( JEP ) rejected on Thursday the "interference" of the Colombian Prosecutor's Office to a file related to the kidnappings of the former Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia - People's Army ( FARC-EP ).

Through a statement, the president of the JEP denounced the interference of the nation's prosecutor's office to their autonomy and judicial independence, "by conducting a judicial inspection of case 001 that carries this jurisdiction.

He also indicated that he was called to an interview to report on the progress in the process. This is because the Prosecutor's Office managed to obtain a digital copy of the file.

"This action is openly violating the judicial reserve that covers the investigations that are conducted on Thursday of the JEP . Equally, it is clearly intimidating in relation to the judicial independence that preserves the actions of the judges in charge of the case, "the document quoted.

Given this situation, the president of the JEP urged the Attorney General to take note of what happened and advance the corresponding work.

"The Special Jurisdiction for Peace is a judicial institution of constitutional rank with judicial autonomy and independence in charge of investigating and deciding the cases of serious violations of human rights and breaches of international humanitarian law that occurred during the armed conflict; and as such, it must be respected and respected by all Colombians, but especially by its authorities, "the statement concluded.


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