Política 26-11-2018

Juncker reiterates that there will be no other agreement of brexit

The president of the European Commission was blunt in his ultimatum: "This is the only possible agreement."

The agreement of the brexit signed the weekend between the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom is the "only possible", insisted on Monday the president of the European Commission (EC), Jean-Claude Juncker .

That is how he expressed his opinion that the British Parliament will vote on the pact, in which Prime Minister Theresa May will campaign for "body and soul".

"This is the only possible agreement, so if the House (of the Commons) says no, we would not have an agreement." It is not the Prime Minister's, the Cabinet's or the Parliament's intention to have a second referendum. "he stressed.

In a statement to Radio 4 of the BBC , Juncker noted that it is the "best agreement for the United Kingdom ." However, a large number of deputies - including nearly a hundred from the ruling Conservative Party - have announced that they will vote against.

If the House of Commons rejects the agreement it would open a range of possibilities that would hinder the Brexit process . It could generate the renegotiation - which seems impossible in the face of what Juncker said - trigger the motion of censure against May or delay the British exit.