Analysis 11-09-2018

Kerry criticizes Trump's exit from the Iranian nuclear agreement

Former US Secretary of State He criticized Donald Trump's anti-Iran policies and his decision to withdraw the country from the nuclear agreement signed with Iran.

Very dangerous and badly advised, this is how former US Secretary of State John Kerry describes the decision of US President Donald Trump to abandon the nuclear agreement signed with Iran in 2015.

In an interview with the PBS network , Kerry reported that the US withdrawal The nuclear pact is not based on any strategy that can attract more support from the other signatories of the pact.

Last May, Trump denounced that the nuclear agreement was useless and launched unfounded accusations against Tehran, after which he signed a decree announcing the departure of his country from the agreement.

This unilateral measure occurred while the other five signatory countries and many other states of the world have reaffirmed their support for this multilateral pact.


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