Politics 21-11-2018

Kidnappings increased by 56.4% during the Peña Nieto government

The organization Alto al Secuestro indicated that during Peña Nieto's term of office, 11,769 kidnappings were reported in Mexico at a rate of six per day.

During the administration of Enrique Peña Nieto the kidnappings in Mexico has increased by 56.4 percent from the previous government.

According to the head of the organization Alto al Secuestro, Isabel Miranda de Wallace, from 2012 to 2018 there were 11,769 cases of abduction in the Mexican nation .

"From 2012 to October 2018 in this administration we had 11,769 kidnappings, 166 monthly, 39 weekly abductions and six daily. (...) The States in which this crime was most committed were the State of Mexico, Tamaulipas (northeast) and Veracruz (southeast), followed by Guerrero (west), Mexico City (center), Morelos (center), Tabasco (southeast) and Michoacán (west), "reported the Mexican activist.

Wallace said that in September, victims increased by 14.66 percent in October, investigative files decreased by 1.5 percent, and detainees by kidnapping decreased by 1.14 percent.

For the representative of Stop the Kidnapping the mistake of the administration of Peña Nieto has been "abandon the states" in which the issue of insecurity "was ignored."

Wallace said that the next president Andrés Manuel López Obrador faces a great challenge regarding the kidnapping issue , but he appreciates that the elected president includes in his speeches the word abduction .

In Mexico, criminal violence cost more than 31,000 lives in 2017, the most violent year in a century, and in a decade it left more than 35,000 people missing.


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