Politics 06-11-2018

Lavrov: US sanctions against Iran are absolutely illegitimate

Russian Foreign Minister Sergéi Lavrov called the sanctions that the US imposed on Iran illegitimate and declared that such measures contradict the decisions of the Security Council of the United Nations (UN).

"As for the US measures against Iran, they are absolutely illegitimate, a flagrant violation of the decisions of the UN Security Council, and the ways in which these measures are announced and implemented, of course, cause deep disappointment. "declared Lavrov.

The Russian Foreign Minister stressed that the rules not only of international law, but also of international communication have been violated.

Lavrov also affirmed that it is inadmissible to follow a policy based on ultimatums.

"In this era, ultimatums and unilateral demands can not determine any foreign policy," said the Russian foreign minister.

November 5came into forceUS sanctions against Iran that Washington had raised in 2015, when the agreement known as Comprehensive Action Plan Set (PAIC), which establishes limitations on Iran 's nuclear program to exclude possible military dimension came into force , in exchange for the lifting of international sanctions.

Last May, Trumpannounced the withdrawalof his country from the PAIC, accusing Tehran of secretly developing a nuclear program, despite the fact that 12 consecutive reports from the International Atomic Energy Agency stated otherwise.

Under the new sanctions, sanctions are restored for the purchase of Iranian petroleum and petrochemical products, as well as for operations with Iranian ports and maritime companies and for transactions of financial institutions with the Central Bank of Iran.


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