World 08-11-2018

Leader of the Nation of Islam: Pull the trigger, end the US

The leader of the organization Nation of Islam, Louis Farrajan, has warned that the war policies of the White House will culminate in their destruction.

"I ask (US President, Donald) Trump, to be very cautious, because if he pulls the trigger of the war and US. starts a new war with the help of its allies like (the regime of) Israel, other nations like China and Russia will be dragged into war and this war will dictate the end of the US, "said Farrajan on Thursday at a Press at the headquarters of the Iranian PressTV network in Tehran, the capital of Iran.

Farrajan has addressed the issue ofWashington's unilateral sanctions against Iran, following the Iran nuclear agreement, known as the Comprehensive Plan of Joint Action (PIAC or JCPOA), where he has pointed out that the Iranian people are object of US aggressions due to the re-imposition of the White House sanctions against Tehran.

"All the observer organizations of the nuclear agreement with Iran agreed that Iran had not violated a single point of the agreement. They said they will pay billions of dollars to Iran, but they did not. Iran fulfilled its obligations with the agreement, but Trump did not fulfill them and when it came to power it withdrew. Currently, Trump applies the toughest sanctions against Iran, "said Farrajan, who has warned that US sanctions may trigger a new war.

When addressing US policies In the Middle East, the leader of the Nation of Islam has stressed that the deep dependence of the United States. and other Western countries forced them to give theUS-British coup against the then Persian Prime Minister, Mohamad Mosadeq, on August 19, 1953, to replace the ousted Mohammad Reza Shah, who would restore the dispossession of Iranian oil by the West.

Farrajan has compared this situation with the arms sales of the Trump Administration, worth 110 billion dollars to Saudi Arabia, instructing him to use them against Iran and thus seek their objectives of sowing discord.

In another part of his speech, Farrajan has called for unity among Muslims to face the challenges that currently threaten the Muslim world.

After unilaterally withdrawing last May from the nuclear pact signed in 2015 with Iran, Trump has been pressuring the entire world to fold the regime of embargoes against the Persian country, under penalty of suffering "terrible consequences", and has insisted on reducing zero Iranian oil exports.

The Persian authorities have made it clear, on repeated occasions, that they will frustrate US sanctions. And theywill sell their oil , besides verifying that many nations have already ratified their disposition tocontinue negotiating with Iran despite the US embargoes .


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