Politics 09-10-2018

Leader on the left: Chile must avoid politicians like Brazilian Bolsonaro

The center-left of Chile is concerned about the influence that the far-right Brazilian candidate Jair Bolsonaro may have in the region, and in particular on the Chilean right, Sputnik told the president of the Radical Party of Chile (PR) , Carlos Maldonado (center left).

"Bolsonaro's vote in Brazil should be a warning signal for Chile, that in the center-left we must make an effort so that candidates like him do not come out in the next election," said Maldonado.

Maldonado, one of the main leaders of the Chilean center-left, said that in his sector they lived "with concern" the election of the first presidential round in Brazil, where center-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro led the vote with 46%.

The Latin American center-left must learn from this election, and in general, "the progress made by the populist and nationalist proposals in the region," he said.

"One lesson is to look with a self-critical spirit, to understand the things that the center-left has done or has not done so that the political landscape of Latin America has changed in this direction, and although conservative populism is not a generalized phenomenon, there are many signs worrying, "he said.

The PR president maintained that "one respects the Brazilian democracy and its voters, but that a candidate with such a discriminatory speech, so populist, has that level of support, speaks of the disaffection of the people in our sector".

Influence in Chile

Maldonado addressed the enthusiasm that Bolsonaro's vote generated in some sectors of Chile, especially in two right-wing leaders: the former ex-president and former presidential candidate José Antonio Kast, and the current senator of the National Renewal party, Manuel José Ossandón.

Kast wrote in his Twitter account that Bolsonaro's vote "is the triumph of freedom and the defeat of the left that left the country in ruins"; while Ossandón held on the same social network that it was good news that "the candidate for security and values, Jair Bolsonaro, devastated."

"Both Kast and Ossandón were presidential candidates and surely they will be the year 2021, they have declared great joy for Bolsonaro and feel identified with these populist visions, and that is a warning signal for citizens, so they realize of the true face of the right in Chile, "he closed.

On October 7, the ultra-right candidate Bolsonaro won 46% of the vote, moving to the second round along with leftist Fernando Haddad, who won 29.2%.


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