Politics 05-11-2018

Leaders of Cuba and North Korea agree to strengthen bilateral cooperation

The leaders of both nations held a meeting in which they advocated the development of cooperation in various fields, to meet common interests.

President of Cuba,Miguel Diaz-Canel, met Sunday with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un , in Pyongyang, capital of Korea of the North , "in an atmosphere of camaraderie and friendship" in which they agreed to strengthen bilateral cooperation , reported the North Korean news media KCNA .

Both leaders maintained, later, a solo meeting in which they advocated a "greater expansion and development of cooperation and exchanges in various fields, such as economy, culture, public health, science and technology,to meet common interests," he explained. KCNA.

Kim and Díaz-Canel expressed their support and reciprocal solidarity, while exchanging views on issues of common interest and on the international situation.

The North Korean leader also offered a banquet to the Cuban leader and his companions, describing the visit as "a turning point in the demonstration of the will to continue always the friendship between the two countries", which are "in the same trench in the fight to defend their sovereignty and dignity. "

In turn, the Cuban leader issued a speech in which he stressed that his arrival in North Korea " in a historical period of heritage of the Revolution in Cuba, is an evident sign of the fixed position of the Cuban party and government to develop invariably relations (bilateral), picked up the North Korean state media.

Note Korea and Cuba maintain good related s since engaged in diplomatic ties for the first time in 1960.

The Cuban president visits Pyonyang as part of an international tour that began on November 1 with a first stop in Russia, and which will last until November 12 with stops in China, Vietnam and Laos.


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