Economy 06-11-2018

Lined more than 200 kilometers from the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline

Nord Stream AG extended more than 200 kilometers from the maritime part of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, according to a company statement.

"Today, more than 200 kilometers of the pipeline are lying on the bottom of the Baltic Sea," the text says.

It is specified that the Nord Stream 2 project is implemented in full correspondence with the calendar.

The company added that about 20 ships participate simultaneously in the construction to finish it on time.

The Nord Stream 2 project provides for the laying of two gas pipelines with a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters per year from the Russian coast to Germany through the Baltic Sea.

The pipeline will pass through the territorial waters and / or exclusive economic zones of Germany, Finland, Russia, Sweden and Denmark.

The partners of the project, Shell, OMV, Engie, Uniper and Wintershall, committed to finance half of the works, with about 950 million euros each, and the Russian Gazprom will contribute the other half, 4,750 million euros.

Several countries such as the US, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland express their rejection of the construction of the gas pipeline, claiming that it can increase the dependence of European countries on Russian gas.

However, Moscow and Berlin agree that the Nord Stream 2 is a purely commercial project.


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