Analysis 26-12-2018

López Obrador promises to "investigate the whole truth" about the death of the governor of Puebla

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, undertook to investigate "the whole truth" about the collapse of the helicopter in which the governor of Puebla, Martha Erika Alonso, and Senator Rafael Moreno Valle were traveling , both of the opposition National Action Party (PAN, center-right).

"I want to make clear that there is, from the Government, the commitment to know the whole truth, we will not hide anything, we have to know what was the cause of this accident, this tragedy, we will present at the time all the information so that there is no suspicion, "the president said at a press conference.

The president said that "this is very regrettable, we express our condolences to family and friends, personally I did it at the time I received the information, I made it public and had the opportunity to speak on the phone of the father of former governor Moreno Valle "said the president in the National Palace.

At the same time he made the commitment to "carry out a thorough investigation and not hide anything about the causes of this tragedy" in which the governor who recently took office ten days before taking office on December 14 , after five months of contesting the results of the provincial elections of July 1 of this year, which were held at the same time as the presidential and legislative elections.

And on the complaints of his opponents, he asked them to "stop making a fool of himself, the worst thing that can be done in politics is ridicule, be more responsible and less ridiculous".

The head of the Executive referred to some opponents, such as former President Vicente Fox (2000-2006) of the PAN, who demanded "a clarification", because he considers it "difficult to accept this coincidence, after a strong democratic battle for Puebla," during five months, after the candidate of the National Movement of Regeneration Movement (Morena, left), Miguel Barbosa, challenged the result of the elections in that state that borders the capital, which was finally ratified by the Federal Electoral Court.

"There is a new reality, how dare a dirty campaign in bad faith, which is reversed because the people of Mexico has woken up with millions of specialists in what has to do with the handling of information, every citizen is a communicator, a means of communication ", which counteracts those campaigns, said the president.

At the same time, the president of Mexico announced an international investigation into the collapse of a helicopter in which a governor and husband leader in the Senate of the opposition National Action Party (PAN, center-right) died, to which US authorities have been invited. for the moment they can not go because of the partial closure of the Government of that country.

"The Government will appeal to an independent body of the foreigner, of recognized prestige to present an opinion that we will make known to the people of Mexico at the time, nothing will be hidden," said the president.

He added that "this management was seen with a US agency specialized in analyzing these accidents and in ruling causes, but as is known there is a situation of unemployment in the US and they answered that they are waiting for that to be resolved," the president said. Press conference following the death on December 24 of the Governor of Puebla, Martha Erika Alonso and Senator Rafael Moreno Valle, when her helicopter fell ten minutes after taking off from Puebla, en route to neighboring Mexico City, in a sunny day without wind.


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