Politics 02-07-2018

López Obrador's first speech: "Nothing by force all for the reason"

Nationalist leftist politician Andrés Manuel López Obrador winner of the presidential elections in Mexico said that in his next government he will not impose "anything by force" by addressing his first victory speech in a capital hotel.

"Nothing will be by force all for the reason," said his first speech read in a tone of reconciliation the candidate of the coalition Juntos Haremos Historia, which won the presidency in its third consecutive campaign with a rank of 53.0 and 53.8% of votes according to an official quick count.

The winner of the elections said that "this is a historic day, it will be a memorable night".

"A significant majority of citizens have decided to start the fourth transformation of public life in Mexico" he said from the Hilton Hotel in Mexico City.

López Obrador said that "with the government of US President Donald Trump, we will seek a relationship of friendship and cooperation and development based on mutual respect and defense of countrymen who work honestly in that country."

The founding leader of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena left) recognized the role of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto in the electoral process.

"His behavior was very different from the treatment given to us by the past incumbents of the executive branch" he said referring to former presidents Vicente Fox (2000-2004) and Felipe Calderón (2006-2012) both from the center-right.

AMLO, as his followers know him by the initials of his name, expressed "his gratitude to the blessed social networks"

"I will not disappoint you I will not betray the people I confess that I have the legitimate ambition to go down in history as a good president of Mexico" he emphasized in his first speech.

The winner thanked his rivals who recognized his victory.

He also expressed his respect "to those who voted for other candidates the same manifesto for the three candidates for the presidency of the Republic who have recognized our triumph and victory."

He also promised that "we will respect the autonomy of the Bank of Mexico" and affirmed that it will maintain financial and fiscal discipline of the public accounts.

Finally, he promised that his priority will be "eradicating corruption and impunity will be the main priority of his government I will not fail".

The head of the INE Lorenzo Córdova reported that behind the 53 to 53.8% range of the winner the centrist candidate Ricardo Anaya from the Por México al Frente coalition received between 22.1 and 22.8%.

In the third place was the officialist José Antonio Meade of the All for Mexico coalition of the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) with a range of between 15.7 and 16.3% of the votes from the vote.

In the fourth and last place the independent candidate Jaime Rodríguez nicknamed El Bronco governor of the northern state of Nuevo León stayed between 5.3 and 5.5% of the count.

The fourth transformation and reconciliation

The majority of citizens have decided to initiate "the fourth transformation of public life in Mexico," he said in reference to the wars of independence of Spain the Reformation that separated the Catholic Church from the State and the Mexican Revolution of the early twentieth century.

He then called on all Mexicans "to reconcile and put personal interests no matter how legitimate the general interest" because "the country is first".

The new project of the nation that will lead "will seek to establish an authentic democracy, we do not bet on building an open or covert dictatorship," he exclaimed.

He also promised that "there will be business freedom, freedom of expression, association and belief, will guarantee all individual and social freedoms, as well as citizenship and political rights enshrined in our Constitution."

The contracts of the energy sector signed with individuals after the energy reform that ended the state monopoly of eight decades in the outgoing government according to the next president "will be reviewed to prevent acts of corruption or illegality."

In the event that anomalies are found that affect the national interest "the Congress of the Union national and international courts will be approached, always by legal means without acting arbitrarily without confiscation or expropriation of property" he emphasized.

He also said that the main transformation that will take place will be to banish corruption.

"Corruption is not a cultural phenomenon but the result of a declining political regime, we are absolutely sure that this evil is the main cause of social and economic inequality and the violence we suffer.

Consequently he reiterated that eradicating corruption and impunity will be the main mission of the new government

"I include fight partners, officials, friends and relatives because a good judge for the house starts" he exclaimed.

Everything saved by fighting corruption and abolishing privileges "will be used to boost the development of the country."

Therefore "there will be no need to increase taxes in real terms or indebt the country".

López Obrador said he will listen to everyone and that he will attend to everyone.

"But we will give preference to the most humble and forgotten especially to the indigenous peoples of Mexico for the good of all first the poor" he said.

Finally he announced that he will change the failed strategy of combat to insecurity and violence.

"More than the use of force we will address the causes that cause insecurity and violence" he said.

The fight against inequality and poverty will bring "peace and tranquility are fruits of justice" he proclaimed.

The winner of the elections said he would call on human rights defenders, religious leaders the United Nations and other national and international organizations to draw up a plan for reconciliation and peace.


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