Analysis 21-12-2018

Lula da Silva says he is not a prisoner, but a "hostage"

Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, imprisoned on charges of "corruption", says he considers himself a "hostage".

"I am not a prisoner, I am a hostage. Who does not understand that still does not understand what is happening to me, "said Lula da Silva on Thursday through his Twitter account .

According to the Lula Institute official, Marco Aurelio Ribeiro, who met with the exmandatario, he demanded to receive visits from members of the Lula Libre Vigil movement and thanked the mobilization of everyone, especially the one related to Christmas.

Also, Lula asked people for the re-energization in this Christmas period, so next year will be a stage of much struggle, said Aurelio.

The ex-unionist also indicated that next year will be a firm "opposition" to the government of President-elect Jair Bolsonaro.

Lula's message was issued hours after the president of the Supreme Federal Court (STF), Antonio Dias Toffoli, annulled a decision of Judge Marco Aurelio Mello, which determined the release of all prisoners in second instance until all resources were exhausted , a measure that would benefit the ex-ruler.

In this sense, the president of the Workers' Party, Gleisi Hoffmann, stressed that the ex-president's departure from prison will occur through a political, not legal, measure.

"The outcome of his case (Lula) is not legal. Every attempt was made in the legal world. It is a political solution, and it is becoming increasingly clear that the prison is political, "Hoffmann added.

According to the statements of the senator, his organization with the reason for the freedom of Lula will promote a "political struggle" and said that in case something happened to him "being in the hands of the State, being detained, the responsibility will be the president of the Republic".

The former president of Brazil is in prison serving a sentence of 12 years for accusations of "corruption and money laundering." He himself has said repeatedly that he is the victim of a media "massacre" .


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