Analysis 19-12-2018

Macri hardens his position before Maduro at the Mercosur summit

The Argentine president repeated his anti-Venezuelan rhetoric by assuming the presidency of Mercosur and urged "the restoration of democracy" in this country.

"The region faces a humanitarian crisis that requires efforts to continue working tirelessly and in a coordinated manner, for the release of political prisoners, respect for human rights and the restoration of democracy in Venezuela," the president of Argentina said Tuesday. , Mauricio Macri, in his speech to assume the presidency for six months of the Common Market of the South (Mercosur) .

In the act that took place in Montevideo (capital of Uruguay), Macri also denounced what he called the "dictatorship" of his Venezuelan counterpart, Nicolás Maduro.

In the same vein, he criticized the "harsh repression" of the Caracas government against its people, calling the Venezuelan administration a "dictatorship that carried out a fraudulent electoral process," in reference to Maduro's re-election in the May presidential elections. In Venezuela.

Since coming to power, Macri has taken a tough stance towards the Maduro government. On one occasion in November, he went on to say that "Venezuela has ceased to be a concern and has become a pain for the entire region ."

In the same vein, the Argentine president has confirmed that he will denounce Venezuela before the International Criminal Court (ICC) for "crimes against humanity."

In turn, Maduro qualifies Macri as a "puppet of imperialism", which follows the interventionist policies of the United States Government against Venezuela.


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