Politics 21-11-2018

Maduro: The US rules a racist supremacy that hates the world

Maduro denounces that the US position before the migrant caravan reflects that in that country governs a "racist supremacy" that hates the whole world.

"In the United States, a clan of racist supremacy rules over us, hates us, underestimates us, and hates and underestimates the entire world. Look at the treatment they are giving to the migrant caravan from Central America that goes to the United States, aiming with rifles, threatening them with death for racial contempt, they believe they are a race superior to all of us, "criticizes the President of Venezuela on Tuesday. , Nicolás Maduro, in an act in Caracas, Venezuelan capital.

Since mid-October, many migrants have left Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua for the United States, fleeing poverty, gang violence and political instability.

In this situation, the US president, Donald Trump, has opted for the hard hand, ordering the troops deployed on the border with Mexico to shoot migrants and shield the border crossing for i mpedir entry of migrants.

In another part of his statements, Maduro has highlighted the resistance of the Venezuelan nation to the efforts of Washington to overthrow his Government.

"They can not understand how after all they have tried to do to us, arriving at the personal attack to assassinate me, time passes and the people of Venezuela are standing, marching towards the future", he argues.

According to the Venezuelan president, Caracas is defeating the "powerful empires" with their moral and civic-military union.

"They want to plague our continent with misery in the name of freedom. We must rewrite history in all universities, we must decolonize it and tell the true story of rebellion, courage of a people who have fought 500 years for their dignity. There are permanent defamations of the American empire. Winning that battle is the obligation of all of us, "says Maduro.

A publication of the American newspaperThe Washington Post , citing statements by senior US government officials and leaked emails, revealed on Monday that the US Administration It is evaluating to include Venezuela in the list reserved for countries that have "supported acts of international terrorism on repeated occasions", and that, consequently, entails severe sanctions, mainly of an economic nature.

Caracas insists that the US is leading a "psychological war" against Venezuela to justify its sanctions anda possible war campaign.


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