Politics 09-11-2018

Martín Vizcarra promised to obtain the extradition of former President Alejandro Toledo from the US

The president of Peru argued that before the end of his mandate, in July 2021, the former head of state, on whom weigh a request for international capture, will be returned to the country to face justice in the Odebrecht case.

Martín Vizcarra pledged on Thursday that former President Alejandro Toledo (2001-2006), who remains in the United States even when he has an international arrest warrant, will be extradited before his term ends in July 2021.

"Before I leave office, former President Toledo will be here facing justice, it's my commitment," the Peruvian head of state said in an interview with radio station Santa Rosa.

The president said that his Government continues to carry out the extradition proceedings , as well as a permanent follow-up to the process through the Ministries of Justice and Human Rights and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

However, he pointed out that the times will depend exclusively on US procedures "that are cumbersome and lengthy," he said.

He also compared the case of Toledo with that of former Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli , whom the US authorities accepted to extradite him after a process that lasted for three years. "We want it to be that way, we want to shorten those deadlines," added Vizcarra.

Toledo is charged with the crimes of influence peddling, collusion and money laundering to the detriment of the State for allegedly receiving $ 20 million in bribes from the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht.

Although in February 2017 the Peruvian authorities issued an international arrest warrant for the former president to go to preventive detention for 18 months, the order has not yet been executed by the United States , where Toledo remains at large and resides in California.

The former Peruvian president had received the alleged illicit payments in exchange for awarding to Odebrecht the tender for several stretches of the southern interoceanic highway , which crosses the Peruvian territory from the Pacific coast to the border with Brazil.

The alleged bribes were deposited in bank accounts of offshore companies , located in tax havens, which were in the name of Israeli businessman Yosef Maiman , a personal friend of Toledo, who later transferred them to another company on behalf of the former president's mother-in-law. with which Toledo bought luxurious homes.

Last Monday, the parliamentary committee that investigated the Lava Jato case in Peru recommended denouncing some 150 people, including Toledo for collusion, passive bribery, influence peddling and money laundering , a report that should be debated and voted on by the plenary. .

The Odebrecht case in Peru involves the bribes paid by the company between 2005 and 2014 and the alleged irregular donations made to the main candidates running for the Presidency of the country.


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