Politics 06-08-2018

Mauricio Macri and corruption: "We assume a strong commitment and the results are in sight"

The President spoke at the San Martin Palace, while his cousin declared by the notebooks of the bribes.

President Mauricio Macri said on Monday that Argentina assumed a "strong commitment" to "fight and prevent corruption . " He said it at the San Martin Palace, together with Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie, at the time when Judge Claudio Bonadio and Prosecutor Carlos Stornelli opened another "round" of statements to those implicated and repentants of the corruption plot mounted in the K era. and that exploded following the so-called "Gloriagate".

Among those repentant businessmen who paraded this morning through the courts of Comodoro Py was the cousin of the President, Ángelo Calcaterra, who was the owner of the construction company IECSA .

Macri and Faurie opened on Monday morning the meeting of the "civil society" summit of the Group of 20 (G20), which will bring together Heads of State and Government in Buenos Aires on November 30 and December 1 . Just Macri received the final document of the C20, which made a strong pronouncement on the scourge of corruption - that of politicians and businessmen - which, he said, "erodes" stability and investment in countries and "restricts the basic rights of citizens. "

"This is something unprecedented in the history of the G20. Working for a transparent state that is at the service of the people is fundamental to combat and prevent corruption," said Macri, recognizing the content of the document prepared by 600 non-governmental organizations of 40 countries "From Argentina we assume a strong commitment to this agenda and the results are in sight," said the president, before moving on to the gender agenda that the C20 also worked on.

And as he has pointed out since the beginning of the Argentine presidency of this group of powers and emerging that make up the Group of 20, Macri said: "We are presiding over the G20 with the spirit of being a mediator in good faith, promoting consensus in the framework of a broad and plural discussion, because we want to continue demonstrating our commitment to international cooperation, multilateralism, global governance and this is undoubtedly a key moment to show it, "said the president who arrived at the San Martin Palace with the secretary of Strategic matters, Fulvio Pompeo.

Because Argentina is the headquarters and holder of the G20 this year, the C20 is currently chaired by Poder Ciudadano and the Argentine Network for International Cooperation (RACI).

The issue of corruption has not been the only recommendation, since it is a 40-page document with many different topics that the presidents should discuss when they meet here about the end of the year.

But the President sought to refer punctually to a burning issue in Argentina. As there was no contact with the press , there were no questions about his cousin's situation.

The document delivered to him states: "Corruption is a greater barrier to prosperity and equity , erodes trust in governments, affects financial stability, threatens investment and restricts the basic rights of citizens."

And he concludes: "Corruption scandals have shaken Latin America since the last G20 summit that took place on the continent, in 2012. In 2017, about two-thirds of the people in the region said that corruption was getting worse " .


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