Politics 21-11-2018

MEPs could arrive in Managua in January

The European Union (EU) has spoken at different times in favor of restoring a national dialogue in Nicaragua and has offered technical support to develop this dialogue.

The date of the visit of a delegation of legislators of the European Parliament to Nicaragua continues without the confirmation of the National Assembly, but the deputy Wilfredo Navarro, second secretary of the board of directors of this state power, says that it is still not ruled out because the European Union (EU) could help stabilize the country.

El Nuevo Diario learned, by reliable sources, that at the Ibero-American Summit in Guatemala the Nicaraguan chancellor, Denis Moncada, informed a Spanish MEP that the National Assembly of Nicaragua proposes to receive the delegation of the European Parliament from January 24 to 27.

When asked about this issue, the deputy Navarro responded on Tuesday: "The Foreign Ministry is the one that authorizes the presence of any foreign official, but usually the visits of legislators (from other countries) are coordinated quickly and there are no problems with that, but we have not been informed about the arrival of MEPs. "

For weeks, the EU ambassador in Nicaragua, Kenny Bell, informed of the interest of the European deputies to know the situation in Nicaragua, to meet with the different parties and to contribute to any solution to the crisis.

The directive of the Nicaraguan parliament is scheduled to meet tomorrow, Thursday, to determine the agenda for the next few days, although Navarro says he does not know if in this session will be analyzed the request for a visit from the European parliamentary delegation.

"It is not strange that deputies come from other countries to exchange, to deepen relations. There has been talk that the European Union could support the process of stabilization of the country, but it has not been mentioned that European parliamentarians will come to promote dialogue, "said the executive of the Legislative Branch.

Navarro said that legislators from different nations visit the National Assembly, as part of the diplomacy promoted by the parliamentary friendship groups. "With the European Parliament itself, there is no friendship group, but no with legislators from particular countries such as France, Italy or Luxembourg, and the connection can be made directly through a country and the interview with the president is requested of the Assembly and a program is prepared, "he explained.

According to the sources of El Nuevo Diario, which requested anonymity, the Nicaraguan National Assembly has already sent a letter with its proposal of dates, and all that is missing is a decision and a formal response from the European Parliament.

The European Union (EU) has spoken at different moments in favor of restoring a national dialogue in Nicaragua and has offered technical support to develop this dialogue. The EU has also condemned human rights violations during the citizen protests against the government, which began in April.


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