Politics 14-09-2018

Mexico: They approve lower salaries of senior officials and remove pensions to former presidents

The initiative is the first of the campaign promises promoted by the president-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who receives the approval of the Congress.

The Chamber of Deputies of Mexico approved by absolute majority to put a limit to the salary to the high officials of the Government and to remove the pensions of the ex-presidents.

Thus, no official can earn more than the next president, whose salary will be108,000 pesosper month (about$ 5,700 ), as announced by Andrés Manuel López Obrador within his proposal of "Republican austerity."

Mario Delgado, coordinator of the party caucus Morena, led by the president-elect, said that this will put an end to"the excesses of the high bureaucracy . "

Criticism of opposition parties

The law was approved with avote of 433 votes in favor , nine against and one abstention, despite the initial criticism of the opposition parties: PRI, PAN and PRD.

In this sense, legislators of the PAN and the PRI discussed for long hours before what they considered an "outdated law" that does not correspond to the current reality.

"This is a completely outdated text in relation to a variety of reforms that have happened in the last seven years," said PAN's Laura Angélica Rojas.

"We do not share that this bill is approved without changes, which is outdated, which generates legal uncertainty and poses problems of application," said Dulce María Sauri, of the PRI.

Five former presidents are left without special pensions

With the approval of the bill, which must be published by the President of Mexico in the Official Gazette, five former presidents will be without special pensions, beyond those established for any other worker , according to the law of the Institute of Security and Services Social Workers of the State (ISSSTE).

Although the initiative to reduce the salary of high-ranking officials aroused criticism about the possibility that people who work in key positions of the Mexican government may choose togo to the private company with better remuneration, the measure represents the first proposal of law approved within the campaign promises of López Obrador.


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