World 17-12-2018

Migrants in Chile: 'Racism grows because of the Government'

Migrant organizations in Chile commemorated the World Day of Migration, denouncing racism and xenophobia in the South American country.

With cultural activities and traditional food held in Chile the World Day of Migration, in a context of questioning and suspicion from the National Government. This year the communities have felt besieged and discriminated against.

The Government marginalized Chile from the Migration Pact of the United Nations (UN), coinciding with a poor evaluation of its management, due to economic stagnation, rising unemployment and the murder of a Mapuche community member.

The Government of Sebastián Piñera forgets that there are many more emigrated Chileans, scattered all over the world, than foreigners who arrive in Chile. The Government pointed out that migration is not a human right .

There is a coincidence among the organizations that the Chilean Government's immigration policies exalt racism. Chile is being more colorful and heterogeneous, although to some this diversity enerve them.


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