Politics 05-11-2018

Molirena, Alianza and PP fine-tune strategies for 2019

According to the Electoral Code, the alliances that political parties have agreed upon, must be registered during the month of December of the year before the elections; that is, until December 31 next.

The Liberal Nationalist Republican Movement (Molirena), the ruling Popular Party (PP) and the Alianza Party begin to refine their strategies to concretize their political alliances towards the 2019 general elections.

The leaders of the so-called small parties have their eyes set on the presidential offers of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), which has Laurentino Cortizo as presidential standard-bearer; the Panameñista party, whose candidate for the Presidency of the Republic is the mayor José Isabel Blandón; and Rómulo Roux, who is the figure that the Cambio Democrático party wants to take to the presidential chair.

All political parties will have until December 31 to finalize their alliances.


According to sources within the Liberal Nationalist Republican Movement (Molirena), at the moment this political group is inclined to support the figure of the presidential candidate of the PRD, Laurentino Cortizo, but still do not rule out the other options.

The president of this party, the deputy Francisco Alemán, was emphatic in pointing out that they will study the government programs of all the parties. "We have had approaches with everyone, but we are waiting for the importance of government programs."

The Molirena will hold its congress on December 22 to define what presidential political force will support the 2019 elections.


Meanwhile, within the ruling Popular Party (PP), there are already differences between two sides: one that advocates maintaining the alliance with the ruling Panameñista party and another group that has already announced its support for PRD Laurentino Cortizo.

The president of the PP, the deputy Juan Carlos Arango, said that the final decision will be taken in a conference to be held on November 25.

Arango said that although there are similarities with the PRD against what the Popular Party seeks, no matter who you talk to, the PP in a future alliance will project issues that the party and the country are interested in such as improving education, good disposal of waste, support to the agricultural sector and the crisis of the Social Security Fund; among others. "These are issues that we want to project as a green star," he said.


On the part of the president of the Alianza party, the deputy José Muñoz said that they have their candidate: José Domingo Arias, who was elected in a primary.

'It is the first north of us, on the road we will talk, because in politics we talk and at the end of the road our party will make the best decision for the good of the country. If you tell me today, we have our own candidate, "he said.

He affirmed that he is in talks with the various deputies that rightly preside over his political parties. 'The majority is in the assembly and we always talk about political issues'.

Regarding a photograph in which he appears with Panamanian presidential candidate José Blandón, Muñoz indicated that alliances were not discussed. 'This is the participation of Mayor Blancón in the parades in Las Mañanitas. It is not the first time, it has been going for four years and we always eat together, we chat and watch the parade together; it has nothing to do with a patriotic theme with a political theme, "he said.


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