Politics 22-11-2018

Moody's: potential asylum from Uruguay to Alan García could be meddling in Peru

A potential asylum from the Government of Uruguay to former President Alan García (1985-1990 and 2006-2011) could be considered an interference in internal affairs of Peru, said the vice-president of the rating agency Moody's Investors Service to the agency state news.

"This request places the country to which asylum is requested in an unenviable position, because it must also take into account that the decision it makes could constitute an interference in internal affairs of another country," said Jaime Reusche in an interview with the Andean Agency.

García, who affirms that he is a victim of political persecution, entered on Saturday, November 17, the residence of the Uruguayan ambassador in Lima with the purpose of requesting political asylum after the Judicial Power issued a ban on leaving the country for 18 months.

The exmandatario is investigated by the Peruvian Prosecutor's Office for allegedly receiving bribes for about eight million dollars from the Brazilian company Odebrecht for the construction of Line 1 of the Lima Metro.

Likewise, he is accused of alleged money laundering for illicit payments for concepts of conferences given to Odebrecht and Brazilian business partners in 2012, which would have been front activities for the laundering of illicit funds.

The Government of Peru denies that there is political persecution in the country or against the former president.

"The decision on the asylum of another country, unrelated to the internal process of investigating acts of corruption in Peru, does not determine whether there is political persecution, nor validates the process of fighting corruption. He is an arbitrator in the process, "Reusche said.

He added that the rating of the country's debt would not be affected by the situation as it would not have financial repercussions.

"However, the question remains as to whether we will truly see an improvement after the waters calm down, maybe that is what determines whether the process was valid or not," he said.

The executive said that if the reforms proposed by the government to fight against corruption bear fruit, many investors would react positively.


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