Politics 08-12-2018

Morales criticizes the right for convulsing Bolivia

The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, after denouncing the double standards of the right, assures that he has not managed to convulse the country through violence.

In a public ceremony held on Friday in the city of El Alto, the indigenous leader attacked the opposition, agglutinated in the civic platforms of 21F, to promote racism and resort to violence in Bolivia.

"Those who claim to be defenders of democracy, yesterday demonstrated their true face of violence and racism attacking to the point of causing the death of a sister in Riberalta who only wanted to continue working," denounces Morales.

His statements refer to the mobilization organized on Thursday by the civic committees and political leaders of the opposition in protest against the decision of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) to empower Morales and his vice president, Álvaro García Linera, to participate in the elections. 2019 general

According to the National Police Command of Bolivia, the protest resulted in the death of a woman and injuries and injuries of various kinds.

Morales, who breaks the record of 12 years of continuous mandate as president of Bolivia, praised the "conscience" of the people who did not participate in the strike called and chose to maintain peace and "economic stability" of the country.

"It was the people who rejected a supposed strike going to work with dignity and continue with their work or be present in their sources of employment," he says.

The rightists carry out a violent mobilization against the repostulación of Morales, rejected in a popular referendum held in 2016. However, the Plurinational Constitutional Court (TCP) enabled it after an appeal filed by social sectors related to the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) on the basis of the right to elect and be elected as established by the American Convention on Human Rights.

The head of the Bolivian government, who congratulated himself in November on the participation in the elections of an opposition alliance, assures that he will win the next presidential elections.


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