Politics 14-09-2018

Morales rejects the double standard of the US in the fight against drugs

Bolivia rejects US anti-drug policy for certifying tolerate traffic in countries like Colombia while accusing La Paz of not fighting the scourge.

"We are on 24 thousand hectares of coca and there (Colombia) 250 thousand, with military bases, with the American DEA (acronym for Drug Administration Administration); besides that, the United States invests about 80 million (of dollars) a year, here zero, "affirmed this Friday the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, in an act in the department of Cochabamba.

The president has also considered that the reason that the United States It is against Bolivia that this country expelled the DEAfrom its territory and adopted its own anti-narcotics policy.

"Then, to be recognized or certified, we must be a pro-imperialist, pro-capitalist government, allow the United States with its policies to loot and steal our natural resources," Morales said.

In addition, the president of Bolivia has affirmed that, if his country submitted its policy to the will of Washington, surrendered to capitalism and allowed the theft of its natural resources, "would be the best student in the United States."

For that reason, Morales has condemned and rejected the attempts of American interventionism, and has added that, afterthe successesof the last 12 years applying their own measures for the fight against drugs and the concerted eradication of illegal coca crops, Bolivia must never again be at the service of imperialism.

On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump accused Bolivia and Venezuela of violating international anti-narcotics treaties and of not having made "the necessary efforts" to combat drug smuggling. The next day, Morales said he was the target of a Washington onslaught "for political reasons."

The Bolivian president has repeatedly questioned US anti-drug policy. accusing Washington of using its fight against drug trafficking to intervene in other countries .

In 2008, Morales expelled the DEA from Bolivia, after demonstrating that US officials were involved in the strategies and political plots of the opposition against his government. A year later, La Paz undertook its own autonomous antidrug policy and obtained better results, according to official data.


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