Politics 06-12-2018

Moreno denies having dialogue with Trump's adviser on Assange

The president of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, has denied the reports on a supposed meeting with an ex-adviser of Trump to address the case of Julian Assange.

"Is a lie. It is absolutely false that Mr. Manafort has come to talk about the issue of Julian Assange, "said Moreno in an interview on Thursday with local radio stations, which have asked about a possible dialogue with Paul John Manafort, the former campaign manager of the American president, Donald Trump, as some American media claim.

According to Moreno, Manafort was part of a delegation of Chinese investors who visited Quito (the capital of Ecuador) with the purpose of presenting projects and plans. "The issue of Julian Assange was never touched upon and worse negotiating," the president has insisted.

Assange, founder of Wikileaks and refugee in the embassy of Ecuador in London for six years, can not leave the legation for fear that the British authorities will extradite him to the United States where he could be prosecuted and sentenced to death for leaking secrets about the country North American.

In this regard, Moreno believes that "six years is already too long for a person to remain almost imprisoned in an embassy."

The head of state has admitted that, although he does not like the presence of Assange in the embassy of Ecuador, the journalist's human rights have always been respected.

In addition, he says that Quito is in talks with the British Government in order to guarantee respect for the life and human rights of Assange and has said that Ecuador has received an official communication from London, which highlights that, according to the Constitution of the Kingdom United, extradition to places with danger to life is not allowed.

"The way is made for Mr. Assange to make the decision to go out to almost freedom, because we must not forget that he did not appear before the British courts and he has to pay a penalty for that. That will be decided by British justice, "said Moreno.

The situation of the Australian journalist is especially in suspense since the arrival to power in Ecuador of Moreno, who considers the case " a problem inherited from the previous Government", that of Rafael Correa, who granted political asylum to the founder of Wikileaks.


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