World 07-11-2018

NATO initiates major maneuvers of the year in Poland; Anakonda-2018

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has begun this year maneuvers of the year, baptized as Anakonda 2018.

12,500 soldiers from 10 member countries of the Atlantic Alliance have gathered in Poland to hold massive war games, which also have the participation of 45 warships and 150 airplanes and helicopters, according to the news agency of the radio Polish public (IAR, for its acronym in Polish).

The source adds that a small part of the maneuvers are carried out in neighboring countries such as Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, with the participation of 5,000 troops.

The main goal of these military exercises, as defined by its organizers, will be to practice cooperation between the command structures in each of the participating countries and the NATO allies, led by the United States.

The uniformed, meanwhile, practice how to perform a strategic defense operation to respond to possible hybrid threats.

Anakonda 2018, which takes place every two years near the Russian borders, will take place this year in two phases; one between November 7 and 16 and another between November 26 and December 6.

The Western military bloc begins new massive maneuvers a few days after having carried out last October 24, large military exercises in Norway , baptized as Trident Juncture, despite the opposition of Russia.

The increase of the NATO military activities in the bordering regions with Russia and of accidents, like the firing of a missile by a hunting of Spain in Estonia, has worried to the Russian Chancellery, that reproaches in addition the lack of will for the dialogue by the Atlantic Alliance to prevent an escalation of tensions in the area.

In recent years, especially after the intensification of the crisis in eastern Ukraine, tensions between Western countries and Russia have increased significantly, to the point of exchanges of threats withacts of warand even nuclear attacks.


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