Social 01-11-2018

NATO warns Russia about the INF and security of the Alliance

NATO urged Russia to respect the INF Treaty on nuclear weapons and reminded it of its determination to defend the security of the Alliance's territory.

"The allies again urge Russia to fully and without delay respect the 1987 Treaty on Intermediate Nuclear Weapons (known as INF)," the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) said in a statement. at the end of a meeting of the NATO-Russia Council held on Wednesday.

This warning is based on NATO's concerns that the new 9M729 Russian missile system poses a "serious" threat to the security of Alliance member countries.

In this regard, the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, regretted that "Russia has not responded to our appeals. This reinforces our assessment that the 9M729 missile system poses a serious risk to the strategic stability of the Euro-Atlantic zone. "

Russia has assured that said missile system does not violate the INF treaty and assured that it will provide the explanations requested by NATO in this regard.

The Atlantic Alliance, on the other hand, expressed its concern about the Russian intention to carry out missile teststhis week in the Norwegian Sea in response to military maneuvers known as " Trident Juncture " developed by NATO in the same waters .

The European members of NATO are also concerned about the announcementby US President Donald Trump to take his country out of the INF, since, they argue, this pact is essential in guaranteeing the security of the European continent.

For its part, Moscow has said it will give an answer , even military, if Washington specifies its exit from the INF.


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