Culture 22-11-2018

Nicaragua and Cuba sign cultural cooperation agreement

Nicaragua and Cuba strengthened friendship ties. They signed an agreement to promote their culture, historical and revolutionary heritage that unites them.

Cuba and Nicaragua again express their brotherhood with the signing of a cultural cooperation agreement.

According to Nicaraguan authorities, the objective of this agreement will promote the development of the arts and the social projection of culture, through a broad and varied exchange of experiences that will enrich the development of Cuba and Nicaragua.

The Deputy Minister of Culture of Cuba, Maria Elena Salgado, said that this agreement will allow Nicaraguan artists to visit the island and that the citizens of their country also visit this Central American nation to exhibit their culture.

Cuba's ambassador to Nicaragua, Juan Carlos Hernández, said that as part of the strengthening of these ties they will present the history of the time when both nations had to bet on the Revolution in search of freedom for their countries.

Recently, Cuba presented part of its film productions in Nicaragua at the third Film and Audiovisual Festival promoted by the National Cinematheque.

The bonds of friendship between Nicaragua and Cuba also extend into the commercial sphere. In 2015, the National Assembly of this country approved a series of tariff preferences for the exchange of products, including honey, meat, black beans and dairy products.


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