Politics 09-11-2018

Nicaragua describes US threats as "interventionist"

National Security Adviser to the White House, John Bolton, said the US will apply new economic and political sanctions to Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba.

White House official John Bolton announced more pressure and sanctions from the United States against Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba. That pretension was qualified as "interference" and rejected by some officials of the Government of Daniel Ortega.

The US Senate is preparing for a possible approval of the "Nica Act Act" merged with the Magnitsky Global Law, with which they intend to block loans from multilateral financial organizations.

Some Sandinista deputies say that Nicaragua is ready to move forward, despite threats from the Donald Trump government.

For the former chancellor and political analyst, Francisco Aguirre Sacasa, the United States could approve the initiatives before the end of this year.

The countries that make up the ALBA (Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America), also rejected the American threats.

The Government of Ortega assures that this country will be able to resist the sanctions of the United States as in the decade of the 80, when that country economically blocked Nicaragua.


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