Politics 11-06-2018

Nicaragua gathers to call for peace and reconciliation

With praise and slogans for peace the Nicaraguans gathered on Sunday in the Plaza de la Revolución.

Thousands of Nicaraguans gathered on Sunday to call for peace in Nicaragua in the face of violent acts promoted, for more than 50 days, by criminal groups associated with the right of the country.

The parishioners conglomerated in the Plaza de la Revolución located in the historic center of Managua capital of Nicaragua.

The praises, chants and prayers are intended to serve as a call to cease vandalism to destabilize the Government of Nicaragua's President Daniel Ortegawho has repeatedly called for peace and dialogue .

Jorge Raschke, president of the Clamor to God Ministry presided over this rally and gave a speech full of encouragements of peace and love, emphasizing in addition the harmful role of the media that have distorted the reality of the Central American country.

Political figures and citizens of several countries have joined this chain of prayer for Nicaragua with the hashtag #NicaraguaQuierePaz.

This campaign for peace was called to appease the destabilizing attempts of the generalized criminal acts that undermine the democracy and peace offered by the Ortega government.

"We believe in the power of prayer and we are in a day of clamorThere are people who said that we had suspended this activity, there are people who said it was yesterday, wanting to distort," said Pastor Milton Salazar.


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