Política 31-12-1969

North Korea threatens the United States with an "unimaginable Knock"

The North Korean Central News Agency has warned this thursday that Pionyang could make an “unimaginable knock” on the United States at an unexpected time, reports Yonhap. This statement came as a result of massive USA and South Korea naval exercises in the Korean peninsula, in which the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier participates. "The USA is rushing to introduce under our nose the objectives we have set ourselves as primary", the agency said in a statement. "The United States should be faced with an unimaginable offensive at an unthinkable moment", Added. This Monday, USA and South Korea jointly undertook a series of naval exercises in the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan, which will last until October 20 and involve about 40 boats from both countries, including the USS Ronald Reagan nuclear aircraft carrier. The next day, the North Korean delegation attending the assembly of the Interparliamentary Union in St. Petersburg request for Washington and Seoul to end their military exercises on the Korean peninsula, saying that these joint maneuvers "create a threat of war for us". RT.