Politics 09-04-2018

Orban's victory in Hungary it´s a headache for Brussels

The re-election of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, with a landslide victory held by the euro-skeptic leaders of the bloc seems destined to prolong the frustrating relationship between this anti-immigration leader and Brussels.

The reaction of the European Commission summarizes the atmosphere in Brussels: by announcing that its president Jean-Claude Juncker would congratulate Orban in the next few hours, the spokesman took the opportunity to remind that the European Union is a union of "democracies".

"The Commission thinks that the defense of these values and of these principles is a common duty of all the Member States without exception," added Margaritis Schinas, especially when Brussels has in its sights Orban's Hungary.

The Commission launched a barrage of legal actions against Budapest before the EU Court of Justice for its refusal to accept refugees and for its controversial laws that, in the opinion of its detractors, are aimed at US magnate George Soros.

However, the conservative Hungarian nationalist leader, whom some accuse of carrying out an authoritarian drift, remained defiant of criticism and legal actions in Brussels. The block thus faces the challenge of trying to coax it or force it to cooperate.

Orban's Fidesz party belongs to the European People's Party (PPE) the dominant force in the European institutions and to which the German government chief Angela Merkel belongs, as well as her Spanish counterpart Mariano Rajoy some criticize that this gave political coverage.

The EPP head in the European Parliament, Manfred Weber, congratulated the Hungarian on Twitter on Monday, stating that he was looking forward to continue working with him "to find common solutions" to the "European challenges", an invitation similar to that expressed by the spokesman of the Commission.

Left-wing parliamentary groups condemned this support for Orban with German Social-Democratic MEP Sylvia-Yvonne Kaufmann urging "to speak directly [with Orban] instead of flattering him with visits and invitations."


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