Economy 03-07-2018

Paraguay: Treasury will complete payments during this week

The Ministry of Finance pays today all the commitments with suppliers for May, as well as those entered in June that are up to G.300 million. The payment schedule will go until Monday 9. It is expected to disburse a total of G.145.900 million.

According to the Treasury in this way the transfer process is carried out in a sustained manner and responding to the presentation of requests for transfers of resources deposited by public institutions.

You can access the detailed payment schedule through thelinkor visit the website of theMinistry of Financein the site called Topics of Interest Submenu Payment to Suppliers.

Likewise the aforementioned information is available on thewebsiteof the National Public Procurement Directorate Payment Menu submenu "MH Payment Calendar" and also in Links of Interest of the portal of the State Supplier System (SIPE).

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