Politics 02-08-2018

Paraguayan Congress approves controversial agreement between Cartes and Macri

Controversy in Paraguay for the approval by the Congress of a controversial agreement between the presidents Horacio Cartes and Mauricio Macri.

These are reverse notes on the debt of the Yacyretá hydroelectric plant, which allegedly has a debt that was not audited.

The approval of the reversal notes of the Yacyretá hydroelectric plant is already a fact in the Paraguayan Congress. The approval of the Chamber of Deputies to the economic and financial reorganization of the binational entity that administers the dam, generates a lot of discomfort.

This agreement between the heads of Paraguay and Argentina, Horacio Cartes and Mauricio Macri, respectively, establishes a new unaudited debt of more than USD. 4,000 million. In addition, it establishes little egalitarian management in Yacyretá.

Argentina detains ex-directors, one near Macri, for bribes

Paraguay uses a very low percentage of the hydroelectric power, which mainly supplies electricity to Argentina. This agreement in turn establishes an increase in payment for the surrender of surplus energy, an argument defended by parliamentarians of the ruling party.

The case of the Villa select hydroelectric plant continues to generate a very important political division in the national neighborhood. It must be said that there are experts who say that this could set a very bad precedent for future negotiations with other hydroelectric plants.

Paraguay will no longer receive payment for compensation for flooded territory for 10 years, another point that generates discontent. The opposition sectors blame the outgoing government for the issue, which they say has had the complicity of the incoming government.


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