Economía 28-09-2017

​Pdvsa and Rosneft evaluate how to stand up to the US blockade

Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) and the Russian company Rosneft are evaluating mechanisms to continue their commercial transactions after the financial sanctions imposed on Venezuela by the United States Government.

"We evaluated with Rosneft mechanisms to continue the current pace of commercial transactions, in the face of a blockade affecting the Venezuelan people," Pdvsa president Nelson Martínez reported Wednesday after holding a meeting with Didier Casimiro, vice president of Refining, Trade and Supply at Rosneft.

Through his Twitter account, he also discussed the plan to increase production of the Petromiranda, Petrovictoria and Petromonagas joint ventures, which have their bases of operations in the Orinoco Oil Belt Hugo Chávez, the country's largest oil reservoir of the planet.

Rosneft is one of the affected ones

On August 29, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order prohibiting negotiations on new debt and capital by the Venezuelan state and Pdvsa, the country's top company.

Faced with this aggression, Oil Minister Eulogio Del Pino said the government has had to make triangulations with China and other nations to make payments. For this reason, the nation will implement a new international payment system based on a basket of currencies, which will counter the economic blockade of Washington.

This mechanism plans to list the bolivar with currencies such as yuan (China), rupees (India), rubles (Russia), yen (Japan) and euro.

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