World 06-12-2018

Peace dialogues begin for Yemen in Sweden

The UN envoy, the Ansarolá delegation, as well as the representatives of the former Yemeni president attend peace talks for Yemen.

In Stockholm (capital of Sweden), peace talks began on Yemen, a country that has been under Saudi bombing for more than three years. The United Nations (UN), which sponsors the negotiations, called the dialogues a unique opportunity.

The UN special envoy, Martin Griffiths, also revealed that the parties have already agreed to release thousands of prisoners.

Griffiths also specified some important issues on the agenda: such as the cessation of the conflict, especially in the port city of Al-Hudayda - under the offensive of the coalition led by Riyadh since last June - the reduction of violence, as well as the opening of the capital's international airport, Sana'a, closed since 2015 due to the conflict.

The delegation of the Yemeni Popular Movement, Ansarolá, led by Mohamed Abdel Salam, has already asked the UN to establish a political framework that can be resolved from political and security issues to humanitarian issues. The other party, led by Yemeni Foreign Minister Jaled al-Yamani, said he will respect the will of the international community.

The Swedish foreign minister, whose country hosts the talks, says she hopes the negotiations will bear fruit so that Yemen does not become Syria, an example of prolonged international failure.

No talks have been held for Yemen since 2016, and the last attempt, in September, failed, as Riyadh, which controls Yemen's airspace, did not allow the Ansarolá delegation to leave. The military campaign of the coalition, led by Saudi Arabia and started in 2015, has left tens of thousands dead, millions of people suffering from famine, and has led Yemen, according to the UN, to the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.


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