Politics 10-04-2018

​Peace in danger, Arrest of leader of FARC has in check the agreement

The Revolutionary Alternative Force of the Common (FARC) assured that the decision to arrest one of its top leaders accused of drug trafficking, seeks to "take to the precipice" the peace agreements and ruled out by now the possibility of returning to war.

"What has happened is very serious they are leading the peace process to the cliff of non-compliance of perfidy, we ask (president, Juan Manuel) Santos to keep the Word" said Iván Márquez spokesman for the former rebels at a press conference in Bogotá.

Márquez who was the chief negotiator of the FARC in the dialogues with the government, added that "we have taken a path that has no reverse" in reference to the signed peace but urged "
The Prosecutor's Office arrested Seuxis Paucis Hernández Solarte "Jesus Santrich" also peace negotiator of the FARC and who would occupy one of the seats of that group in the Congress, accused by a US court of crimes of drug trafficking

According to the Prosecutor's Office Hernández Solarte would have conspired to send to the United States 10 tons of cocaine worth 15 million dollars, which is why a court in New York opened a process and requested his international arrest, through of red circular of Interpol.

"How is it going to happen to them that a blind man is processing cocaine!" Criticized Márquez in reference to the visual condition of his partner, after which he charged against the Attorney General, Nestor Humberto Martinez, whom that group indicates of wanting end the peace agreement It is "a prosecutor blinded by hatred" who "wants to protect third parties involved in the conflict" and "that here continue to send impunity," said the ex-guerrilla while calling for "calm" The foundations of that organization of whom the government said, have not yet fulfilled what was promised.

"I ask all of them to calm downto give us a holding time that we commit ourselves from the political council to visit them to explain what has happened thanks to a montage orchestrated in the United Statesin which the Prosecutor is the protagonist principal "said Márquez.

The Prosecutor's Office says it has "copious evidence" that "gives an account" of the crime of "conspiracy to export cocaine to the United States" by the ex-rebel and three other people, one of whom is a relative of Márquez himself It would be "electronic evidence of documentary evidence, videos that account for the intervention of all these subjects in drug trafficking activities "according to the prosecutor Martínez.

The agreement between Bogotá and FARC establishes that crimes committed during the armed conflict will be judged in a special court created for that purpose, but those illegal actions carried out after that period and the signing of the peace will go to the ordinary courts.

Judge Patricia Linares, president of the Special Justice of Peace, the court created to deal with the crimes of half a century of internal war, said today that Hernandez Solarte is "subject" of the jurisdiction of that body, so he claimed to know the case.

"The jurisdiction will act with full rigor" in an accelerated manner and with "full guarantee of due process" and "legal security" to determine if the case of the leader should go or not to the ordinary courts, warned Linares.

Márquez called on the guarantor countries of the peace agreement, Cuba and Norway, as well as the United Nations and the European Union to act as an "emergency" against this obstacle of peace.

"We ask President Santos to react" he demanded "to assume the reins of the peace process" and to "not allow the Prosecutor external interference and some legislators" to end with the agreement in Havana, claimed the now political leader.


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