Politics 01-06-2018

​Pedro Sánchez president

The general secretary of the PSOE Pedro Sanchez has been invested today by the Congress of Deputies the seventh president of the Government of democracy to be victorious in the motion of censure he had filed against the Executive of Mariano Rajoy.

The motion of censure was presented exactly one week ago following the harsh sentence of the Gürtel case and in just seven days it has illuminated a 180 degree turn to the political map of the country.

From a PP government in a parliamentary minority is passed to another led by the PSOE also in minority and that has only 84 deputies and theoretically limited support.

Sanchez has won the motion to be president with margin 180 votes in favor four more than the 176 needed thanks to the support of the PSOE United We Can ERC PNV PDecAT Compromís EH-Bildu and Nueva Canarias.

The new president thanked the Chamber for its support for his inauguration and affirmed that today "a new page of democracy in this country" is being written.

Sanchez has guaranteed that the PSOE will put the interests of the Spaniards before those of his party and has marked his main objective: "to dignify a firm strong democracy and with exemplary institutions".

Thus it has set as tasks the democratic regeneration budgetary stability the commitment of Spain with Europe and the "territorial coexistence" in a nod to the nationalist parties that have supported him in his triumph.

He has acknowledged however the complexity of the Executive that he will lead but he recalled that this is the tone of the European democracies: "fragmented parliaments and democracies that work for consensus and dialogue".

"What there are not are governments led by parties sentenced by justice" he warned.

Sánchez has also had words for the PP evicted from the Moncloa.

He has asked him to be "as loyal" in the opposition as the PSOE has been with the Government of Mariano Rajoy or otherwise he will be "condemned to irrelevance".

He has also recommended to the 'popular' that what they have to do to move forward is to "renew" their leadership "regenerate" and be able to "represent the conservative Spain that wants to see clean and exemplary presidents in front of the PP".

Mariano Rajoy in his last intervention in the rostrum as president has been dismissed from office with the "honor" of leaving a "better" Spain than it was.

He believes that he has fulfilled the political mandate he had to "improve the lives" of the people and thanked both his party and all the Spaniards for having given him his "understanding and support".

"Good luck to all of you for the good of Spain" he proclaimed shortly before shaking the hand of his successor Pedro Sánchez.

A socialist leader who will have to deal with a very fragmented Congress, a PP in crisis and with parties with conflicting interests, in an almost electoral scenario.

It has been recalled one of his main supporters in the motion of censorship, the leader of Podemos Pablo Iglesias whose group has finished the plenary session amid cries of "yes you can."

Iglesias has asked Sánchez to be responsible and name an "integrating government" in which there could be ministers of his party because, in his opinion, Spain needs a stable government and it is very difficult to achieve it only with the 84 votes of the Socialist deputies.

"I want to think that Pedro Sánchez will be responsible and will organize a stabilizing government" he said.

At the other extreme the PP which a week has passed from the Government to the opposition has not hesitated to accuse the PSOE of putting "in check" the unity of Spain to "beg" for its investiture the support of the independentistas to the who he says does not know what he has promised.

Rafael Hernando has warned that the PP does not intend to allow "criminals" to have "neither impunity nor immunity nor pardons" and has it botched Sanchez who thinks to govern with the support of those until recently he called "golpistas" or with Bildu "the friends of ETA".

He has asked himself with irony if he plans to call the president of the Generalitat Quim Torra "racist or supremacist" or "he will forget" from now on.

Nor does he trust too much in the future of the Government of Sanchez the president of Citizens Albert Rivera who has voted against the motion of censorship.

He has predicted that Sanchez's government will be weak and will be "mortgaged" by the separatists and populists and has asked if he will be "loyal" to the Constitution and the Spaniards or will yield to their pressures.

Rivera has already warned Sánchez that if he wants to "lift" the Constitution in Catalonia he will have them "in front" but "if he accepts" that it must be applied together with article 155 of the Constitution the orange party will be at his side despite the "discrepancies".


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